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As David lifted up the Lord and exalted God to be the highest, he was called The

Chief Musician, and then a man after God’s own heart.

So then, a young man named Martin Christie, known as "MC," "The Master," and "The Maestro," was called by God to the music ministry. He was born in London, England, grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, and exploded in his music ministry in Brooklyn, New York. He’s been sought after by some of today’s new, uprising, and major artists.

Also an entrepreneur in the music industry, he wears many hats: a musician, songwriter, producer, promoter, CEO and President of Major Chords and SRO. He seeks not to promote his own ability but to gain higher heights in God and to deify the body of Christ, knowing that because of God’s grace, there is no limit.


Finally, some of today’s new, upcoming and major artists that "MC" has worked with are:

ˇ God Father of Music‐Pastor Timothy Wright

ˇ Bishop Townsley and Light House Concert Chior

ˇ Bishop Hezekiah Walker

ˇ Bishop Albert Jamison, Chairman of the Board&Pres of ENYC Chapter of


ˇ Prof.David Bratton & Spirit of Praise

ˇ Professor James Hall and Worship & Praise

ˇ Stephanie Mills

ˇ Pastor Derrick Roberts and The Gospel Soul Children Of NY

ˇ Regina Bell

ˇ Pastor Shirley Caesar

ˇ Queen Esther Marrow & the Harlem Gospel Singers

ˇ Min. Keith branch & The Branch Company

ˇ Yolanda Adams

ˇ Lisa Page Brooks from Witness

ˇ Pastor Michael Brooks from Commissioned

ˇ Pastor Beverly Crawford

ˇ East Coast Regional Mass Choir

ˇ Linda Hopkins, Schon Jomel & the Harlem Gospel Singers

ˇ Natalie Cole

ˇ Bishop Charles Lyles

ˇ Bobby Jones & Super Chior Fr Nashville Tn

ˇ Pastor John P. Kee & VIP

ˇ Pastor Donnie McClurkin

ˇ Twinkie Clarke of the Clarke Sisters

ˇ Dorinda Clark


Martin Christie


Manager/Booking by Professional Experience

Church: Pleasant Grove Baptist – Beulah Church – Bibleway Church – Cathedral

2nd Baptist – Salvation and Deliverance Headquarters – King

Emmanuel Baptist – Triumphant Apostolic – Emmanuel of Jamaica,

West Indies – St. Mark Holiness – Agape Fellowship – Mt. Moriah,

NYC – Mt. Moriah, Queens – Tabernacle of Church – First Baptist of

Crown Heights – Friendship Missionary Baptist – First Baptist of

Brownsville – International House of Prayer‐Christ Church

International – New life Tabernacle UPC ‐ Powerful Praise –

Kingdom International Church – Greater Free Gift Baptist Church

Concerts: Natalie Cole – Charles Lyles – Yolanda Adams – Shirley Caesar – Timothy Wright – Angela Primm – Steve Gadd – Marcus Miller – Victor Wooten – Beverly Crawford – Lisa Page of Witness – Michael Brooks and Young Artist for Christ – Vanessa Bell – Ben Vereen –

Darius Brooks – Queen Esther Marrow – Linda Hopkins – Schon Jomel – Twinkie Clarke of The Clarke Sisters – United Pentecostal Church International Conference in New Orleans


Director: Yolanda Adams – 4 years; David Bratton & Spirit of Praise; Alvin Freeland

& Company; Rev. Timothy Wright; Peoples Glee Club; Sandra

Cepeda & Shabach; Rev. Albert Jamison – New York State Chapter

of GMWA; Cassandra Elliot; Mary Sharpe Voices of Hope; Schon

Jomel; Queen Esther Marrow & the Harlem Gospel Singers; Montel

Thomas; Layns Dunlap; Beverly Crawford; Angel Primm; Linda

Hopkins & the Harlem Gospel Singers


Bishop Jamison &NY State Mass Choir

VOP‐Voices of Promise

Min. Keith Branch & Branch Company

Angela Hall

Pastor Derek Roberts & The Soul Children of NY

Projects: Rev. John P. Kee & VIP – Live; Alvin Freeland & Company; Rev. Albert Jamison & New York State – Live; Tri‐boro Mass Choir – Live; Rev. Timothy Wright & the Concert Choir; Emnmanuel Mass Choir – Live in Kingston, Jamaica; N.E.M.A.A.S. – Live in Canada; David Bratton & Spirit of Praise; Cassandra Elliot – Live; Montel Thomas; Sandra Cepeda & Shabach – Live; Demetrius Griffin – Live; People’s Glee Club – Live; Pastor Lowe &

Company Q; Elder Demetrius Griffin & The Experence; Renee Credle


VOP‐Voices Of Promise‐2007

Bishop Albert Jamison & NY State Mass Chior‐6/2007

Stephanie Simpson & Worship Experience‐7/2008,

Angela Hall‐9/2008

Min. Keith branch & Branch Company‐10/2008

Promoted: Major Concerts – 5 years: New York; Miami, FL; Kingston, Jamaica; New

Jersey; Canada

Workshops: New York City; New Jersey

Showcase: Iola, All Nation, Sylvier, Nells, Duplex, Lambs Theatre, Indigo Blues, Spirit

of New York Cruise Ship, New Life Underground Café, Thomasina’s Café

Television: Gospel Today Cable Show; Bobby Jones‐ BET – Mary Sharpe; East Coast Regional – Bobby Jones – BET; Music Quest – Live Video Vol. 2; Cathedral 2nd Baptist – Video; Harlem Gospel Singers – Live in

Europe; Queen Esther & Harlem Gospel Singers – Channel 13, NY:

Born to Sing – "Shirley Caesar;" Stephanie Mills; Regina Bell; Bishop

Jamison & New York State Mass Chior‐Bobby Jones Gospel; VOP‐

Voices of Praise‐106 n Gospel‐Feb‐2009

Theatre: Mama, I Want to Sing – Parts I & II; Walk in the Light: A Vision Conceived; Born to Sing; Queen Esther & Harlem Gospel Singers; Linda Hopkins

& Harlem Gospel Singers; A God of a Second Chance

Education: Five Towns College, Seminar & Workshop – Annex


Info: Voice Classification: Tenor; Vocal Range‐ 2 Octaves

Instruments: Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Drums,


Main Instruments: Piano, Organ, Keyboard, Bass

Height: 5’8" * Weight: 165 lbs * Eyes: Brown * Hair: Black




The Sacred Music Ministry


The Sacred Music Ministry at Cornerstone Baptist Church is truly a ministry with 4G coverage. whether a seasoned musician, or new in your anointed musical life there is a place in the Sacred Music Ministry for you. At cornerstone, we understand that music ushers the holy spirit into each service and nurtures the soil so that the word lands upon fertile ground. with an array of choirs to fit just about any genre, age or group, we welcome any and all to come see  ho music ministers to the hearts of His people in the Sacred Music Ministry.



The Voices of Cornerstone


"Let everything that hath breath, praise ye lord. Praise ye the lord." Psalms 150:6

These are the words that the voices of cornerstone live by. This choir is a conglomerate of all walks of life ranging from voices as young as 18 to as seasoned as 92. Come join us to experience what happens when al of Gods children come together to lift His name in song.


Jubal's Tribe


The children choir, a place where children learn to fall in love with Jesus and the music that glorifies His holy matchless name.


The Heavenly Praise Dance Ministry


The Heavenly Praise Dancers Liturgical Dance Ministry began, March 1996 under the direction of Diane Nathaniel.   Chatarra Hamlett is the Asst. Director of the dance ministry and there are 20 members who serve the Lord with gladness.  The Bible says to "Let Everything That Has Breath Praise The Lord".   The ministry believes this verse with all of its heart.  Ministering through dance to bring souls to Christ is the purpose and all those who minister have answered the call.  For as long as we can, we will serve the Lord and through dance we will deliver his message. 


Diane Nathaniel, President



S.C.R.I.P.T  Drama Ministry


Over the years the bible has been translated in many languages so that it could be read and understood by many. Over the years praise has evolved too. Praising God can be seen and heard now through song, dance, mime, rap, recitation and yes Drama. The mission statement of S.C.R.I.P.T  is to serve God with a Kingdom state of mind through performance art and theatrics as we continue to grow in our spiritual walk with our lord. We have joined to bring the bible to life. We strive to give anyone who experiences our ministry an eye witness experiences of the bible as well as shed light on some of the issues we face as Christians. our driving force and foundation for everything that we do is serving and praising God. We know when it comes to praise; most worshipers don't like the word "perform." Well to the drama ministry it doesn't mean "to show" it means:


Praise Efficiently Reflected For Our Resurrected Master


  We are a ministry that is here to bring a new praise for an ever changing world.


Amber Regis, coordinator