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Gospel Chorus

The Group That Prays Together, Stays Together


Shout with joy to God, All the earth!  Sing the glory of

His name; make His praise glorious!

Psalm 66:1,2

Date Founded:

Circa: The times of worship at "The Old Unity House"

pre-Gates Avenue and Irving Place (Old Cornerstone)

Annual Events:

Annual Day--Fourth Sunday in May

Fellowship Breakfast--January

Fellowship Tea--March

Anniversary/Fellowship Day--May

Brief History:


* 1st President--Mrs. Laura Carfton

* 2nd President--Mrs. Emma Tucker

* 3rd President--Mr. Olin Hunter

* 4th President--Mrs. Emma Tucker (President Emeritus)

* 5th President--Mrs. Sheila McElroy (current)

Previous Concert Sites

*1st Out-of-town Concert--1961

*Some Concert Locations: Chicago, Illinois; Columbus, Ohio;

Roanoke, Virginia; Bennettsville, South Carolina;

Memphis, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia

Previous Musicians

* 1st Musician--Mrs. Maude B. Cummings Taylor

* 2nd Musician--Mrs. Ethel Cooper Williams

* 3rd Musician---Mrs. Daisy White

* 4th Musicians---Mr. John Henry White & Mrs. Mary Hunter

* 5th Musician--Mrs. Doris Jordan

* 6th Musician--Mrs. Daisy White

* 7th Musician--Mr. Michael Terrell

* 8th Musician--Mrs. Daisy White

* 9th Musician--Leonard Carter

* 10th Musician--Mrs. Daisy White

*11th Musician-Sid Smith

*12th Musician-Leonard Carter

Gospel Chorus List of Officers


Sheila McElroy

1st Vice President

Carol Murrain

2nd Vice President

Johnny Brown

Recording Secretary

Cyraisse LeGrair-Clarke

Corresponding Secretary

Thelma C. Taylor


Auguestine Johnson

Assistant Treasurer

Dolores Scott

Financial Secretary

Dorothy Lewis


Mary Washington

Assistant Chaplain

Gerald Moody

 Current Members

Carolyn Aldrick

Harold Lewis

Rosie Archibald

Wilma Long

Stephanie Arthur

Sheila McElroy

Vera Beans

Annie Mae Moffat

Johnny Brown

Gerald Moody

Louise Carpenter

Lucille Moore

Mary Carter

Michelle Moore

Leonard Carter*

Carol Murrain

Preston Coston, Jr.

Cathy-Ann Nelson

June Dawkins

Mary Oliver

Evelyn Fletcher

Eleanor Rivers

Steven Fletcher

Dolores Scott

Dashiel Gables (DJ)

John Searles

Joseph Heath

Autrynella Shockley

Patricia Heath

Hattie Simmons

Mae Hill

Daisy Smalls

Shawnette Humes

Michele Sparrow

Dawn Jackson

Thelma C. Taylor

William Jackson

Emma Tucker

Elizabeth James

Leatha Wallace

Greta Jenkins

Mary Washington

Augestine Johnson