Medical Transportation Units

In order to ensure our health and well being, it is essential to keep up on medical care. And unfortunately not everybody does this, due to various reasons. For instance, they might not have reliable transportation and cannot get to their doctors office. That is why there are numerous medical transports available to take patients to their appointments and pick them up when they are done. Dropping the person off at the door, which is convenient for those who have difficulty with mobility.


Most transportation companies offer long distance transport, enabling patients to receive medical care no matter how far the office is. Most insurances cover medical transportation, including Medicaid and Medicare. Usually covering the total cost, without the patient having to pay out of pocket.

These medical transport services are available across the United States, making it possible for anyone to get assistance. They have highly professional drivers who seek to provide patients with the utmost of care, getting them to their destination safely. Making the feel totally comfortable, as if they were part of the family. Most transport companies allow one other occupant to ride with the patient, such as spouse or family member. If the destination is over 200 miles, Long Distance Medical Transport is right what you need.

Since there is a wide variety of medical ailments, most appointments are covered by your insurance carrier.
Such as:

  • Routine doctors appointments
  • Maternal and gynecological
  • Psychological and mental health
  • Pediatrician
  • Cancer treatments

Equipped with vehicles that are setup to assist patients to arrive at their destinations safe and sound. Keeping them serviced, in order to prevent any unnecessary maintenance problems. There are transports who cater to those with special needs, such as individuals in wheelchairs. As well as patients who are confined to a bed and require a stretcher in order to be transported. You just need to inform them of this when scheduling reservations, in order for the proper vehicle to be dispatched.

How to Make Reservations

make a reservation with insuranceOnce you locate a medical transport company in the local area, the next step is to make arrangements for your appointment. Most companies require patients to call within two to three days of the time of their visit and they should at least give twenty four hours notice in order to cancel. Have your insurance card on hand when calling, they usually ask for it before scheduling a driver. While waiting to be picked up it is a good idea to have a book of magazine handy, since they get tied up in traffic sometimes.